Nerdy Me

It was 4:00 A.M in the morning, I was reading my tenth standard biology reader, as I was reading about the parts of brain namely cerebrum,cerebellum and medulla, it occurred to me that what if my brain suddenly starts remembering each and every line I read, each and every thing I watch? Wow! I would top that nerdy boy in my class, I could win all the Quizzes, I could be the most brilliant and talented kid of all time, my mom and dad would be so proud of me…….

As I was dreaming so proudly of me in fact I was sleeping (actually, I couldn’t remember my dream)

A voice echoed, from the hall way, “Have your tea, dear”

Long before I could distinguish whether the voice came from my dreams, wait! shit! What am I doing? Sleeping again! How can you sleep if you have to top that nerdy guy in class? Before I could wake up, AWWW! There was a loud thud on my head. It took me 5 sec to come to reality. She was standing in front of me with a cup of tea in her hands staring at me as if I have committed a crime,”don’t understand what you people are gonna do in your lives? Always sleeping. How come you get so much of sleep?” scolding so she placed the tea-cup on my table and went away.

After this incident, inspired by my brainy dream. I transformed into a nerdy girl, i.e, i have been reading all my books, washing my face with cold water a 1000 times to drive that sleepiness of me. this went on for 10 days.

Exams! I have done all my exams very well. Okay! Now, you deserve a lot of rest. I went to my mom and asked her,”mom, I have studied very hard and even my exams are over now”. my mom who knows everything about me so well replies with a burst of laughter,”I know you are asking my permission to bunk school tomorrow, but, I didn’t expect beta, how could you even forget your favorite day, Sunday?”

“What, tomorrows Sunday? Wait, you are the stupidest child ever? How could you forget? Were you really studying that hard? Fine, but it doesn’t suit you. GOD! make this child behave herself.”

Monday, in school results are going to be announced, I was so tensed, my mind was wondering whether i could be the first rank holder or if was the usual second rank holder, I would die of a heart attack, right there itself. I can see the notice board being pasted by the results. My legs were longing to go and check out the results, but, my tension was in peaks that I didn’t even get up from my seat. I saw that guy walking into the classroom with a pale face looking at the floor, he lifted his head up to look at me. OMG! His eyes are filled with tears, it means I was the first ranker, but, how come this affect him to that extent?

was it my mistake that I tried to top him for once in my life……..soon, I was surrounded by my friends congratulating me. A classmate shouted, “how’s that even possible? a 598 out of 600 marks?”

“What? 598!” I couldn’t believe this, normally our top score would be 560-570.

There goes my joy, as I lost hope, that this thing affected him so badly that his face was swollen like a giant water melon. I couldn’t even enjoy the fruits of my little success story.